Saturday, April 8, 2017


Someone broke into my car last night (broke in = opened the door I forgot to lock). They tore the place apart in a desperate search for anything worth taking, and in doing so, pulled out a ton of trash from under my seats which will make it much easier for me to clean now, as I’ve been meaning to do. Here’s what they took: My old pair of shoes that are falling apart. Some tic tacs. Most of the change I had in there before they apparently decided it wasn’t even worth it to keep pulling out all those pennies. In a fun twist, they actually took the screwdriver left behind by the last person who broke into my car like 8 years ago that I never bothered to take out. What they didn’t take: A poster for Johnny Mnemonic. Some VHS. An umbrella; surprisingly, it actually ended up raining last night and I hope they weren’t kicking themselves for leaving it behind. The only way this robbery could be any sadder is if they tried to take the car itself but didn’t know my tricks for getting it started without the battery dying.

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