Tuesday, April 11, 2017

6 Years

Tomorrow night is the 6 year anniversary of the first time I did stand-up. Stand-up anniversaries are pretty meaningless and I don't think anyone really "celebrates" them, but I will definitely celebrate mine by visiting my mom in the hospital. She came into town on Sunday to see my shows, and ended up stepping off a curb and breaking her leg in 3 places. What a klutz!

Anyway, stand-up anniversaries don't matter, but show anniversaries do! They're always super fun and special, and tonight I am honored to be on the Performance Anxiety 6 Year Anniversary Show! at the Pleasure Chest! It's a sex shop! I will be doing all my filthiest material about Data Entry.

But how about some shameless cross-promotion? Another option for your plans tonight is to see my dad's book reading, BigCity, a Novel by Scot Sothern, at Skylight! He wrote and published an amazing novel called BigCity, and I've been meaning to write about it for awhile, and will continue meaning to write even more about it. I am halfway through it and shocked by how vividly I remember the words and the characters and the events (while still never sure what's gonna happen) from when I read an early draft about 15 years ago. I never remember anything! But the writing is just that good, and it's fascinating to revisit it and pick up on all the ways he has influenced me and my own writing.

So go to the reading! Or go to the comedy show! Or go to the hospital for your injuries! But definitely buy BigCity on Amazon! See Ya L.A.Tour!

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