Friday, March 10, 2017


One of the main reasons I am leaving Los Angeles is because the weather is so terrible. I hate warmth! After an admittedly pretty long (for L.A.) winter, it is now officially summer again already and the sun is shining and it makes me sick (like, it literally, physically makes me feel nauseous, and I don't understand how it doesn't have this effect on everyone). I know that New York has very brutal summers. One of my favorite movies is Do the Right Thing, which is famous primarily for its powerful message of summer being the worst. But NY also has OTHER seasons. It's miserable for a set period of time, and then it ENDS and the rest of the year is pretty nice.

So tonight, I continue my "Farewell LA Tour" at Bitchface Comedy in Pasadena! It's hosted by Rachel Mac, who I once talked to about my hatred of warm weather, and she was definitely not on the same page. Somehow, we have remained friends despite this enormous disagreement. I think she is fucking great, and I know this show tonight is going to be fucking great, so hope to see you there, no matter what your opinions are on weather!!!!

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