Saturday, May 30, 2015


I made a new website called I would love if you gave it a look, and filled out the questionnaire. 

Mission Statement from the site:
This company was inspired by popular websites like, that give the customer an opportunity to give away their money to an unknown cause. But the problem with those kind of sites is that you still get to choose who or what your money goes to, and how much of it goes there. And who has the time to make complicated choices like that? 
Here at, you enter in all of your personal and credit card information, and then it's up to us how your money will be spent! Not only that, but it is the only Identity Theft website in the world where your information is actually catalogued publicly on the site! Which means any random visitor who clicks on our Previous Entries page can have access to your money as well. 
Remember... the only guaranteed way to avoid having your identity stolen, is to give it away willingly.
Austin Wolf-Sothern, CEO

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