Friday, October 10, 2014

Taken Sequels

I’m very excited that a new Taken movie is coming out, and I’m even more excited that it is called TAK3N. I hope they continue making Taken movies forever. Here is a list of potential titles.

TAKEN 2 (aka Even Takener, or 2Taken 2Furious)
TAKEN 6: The Takening
TAKEN 8: Taken Care of Business
TAKEN 9: The Taken of Pelham 1-2-3
TAKEN 10: Look Who’s Taken
TAKEN 11: Look Who’s Taken Too
TAKEN 12: Why Hast God Fortaken Me?
TAKEN 13: Look Who’s Taken Now
TAKEN 14: Taken It Easy For Awhile
TAKEN 15: The Grey
TAKEN 16: Taken a Walk Among the Tombstones
TAKEN 17: In Space
TAKEN 18: Taken Takes Manhattan
TAKEN 19: Ransom starring Mel Gibson
TAKEN 20: Take Anything You Want, I’m Through Fighting
Donated (TAKEN Prequel)

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