Saturday, September 15, 2012

Movie Review: Step Up Revolution

Step Up Revolution (2012, Scott Speer) - 9.0
An aspiring dancer falls in with a flash-mobbing dance troupe who stage elaborate and amazing dances in unexpected locations, and film it in order to win some youtube competition. But their neighborhood is in danger of being demolished by the aspiring dancer’s father, real-estate developer Peter Gallagher (Center Stage), splitting her loyalty between her real family and her dance family. The plot is charmingly 80s, but it’s the dance setpieces that are the star, and they get extremely innovative and brilliant in this one, and utilize the 3D even better than its predecessor (and even has one of the most clever 3D gimmicks I’ve ever seen with falling money protruding from the screen and seeming grab-able). And if you’ve ever wanted to see automobiles joining in on the dance-fun, your prayers have been answered, because the opening scene has some incredible car-eography. An extremely enjoyable movie. It’s step-tacular.

08/01/12: 3D, DCP

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