Sunday, August 26, 2012

Movie Review: Hard Ticket to Hawaii

Hard Ticket to Hawaii (1987, Andy Sidaris) - 8.5
Donna and Taryn (Dona Speir and Hope Marie Carlton), two women who are operating a cargo plane (and who are also undercover spies), accidentally steal some diamonds from a drug dealer, and he wants them back, so he has a drag queen kidnap a restaurant owner (Cynthia Brimhall) who has nothing to do with it. The women have a couple friends come by to help out, and they use a bazooka to blow up a skateboarder and his blow-up doll, in a scene that is the very definition of overkill. Meanwhile, an enormous snake is on the loose, who has been contaminated with deadly toxins from cancer-infested rats. Tons of nudity, cheesy humor, and explosions make for a pretty perfect, light-hearted action movie, led by strong female characters with an endearing friendship, and with a couple stand out scenes to make it unique. Anything with the snake is completely great, the aforementioned blowing up a blow-up doll scene is amazing, and the scene where someone is murdered by a frisbee is truly outstanding. Hard Ticket to Hawaii is worth the trip!

08/05/12: DVD

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