Monday, August 27, 2012

Movie Review: Guns

Guns (1990, Andy Sidaris) - 7.5
Erik Estrada (who looks like he's 11 on this poster), with help from henchman Danny Trejo, is trying to run guns from China to South America, and get some revenge along the way by sending transvestite hitmen to kill the partner of recurring Sidaris character, and special agent, Donna Hamilton (Dona Speir), whose father killed Estrada’s brother or something. So the government “agency” of incredibly attractive people spring into action, and the women get naked a lot, and things blow up, and there’s an excellent sex scene on a motorcycle. It’s a great movie, of course, and I was glad to see Cynthia Brimhall in a bigger role, as she’s my favorite of Sidaris’ cast of Playmates.

08/12/12: DVD

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