Monday, June 18, 2012

Movie Review: Baby Geniuses

Baby Geniuses (1999, Bob Clark) - 8.0
Fucking insane story about a group of babies being held, and studied, by scientists (Kathleen Turner and Christopher Lloyd) in an underground research lab because they believe when babies are babbling nonsense to each other, they are actually having philosophical discussions about the secrets of life and purpose of the universe, information they forget once they turn two. One of the smartest babies escapes, and while running around a mall, bumps into a twin brother he didn’t know he had, and they end up getting switched. Which gives the main baby some freedom to work up a plan to free all the other babies. Through the magic of mediocre special effects, we get to see the babies talking and cracking wise, we get to see the babies dancing, and we get to see a baby doing karate. It’s great stuff. And just a side note, if you want to see a male baby with diaper camel toe, look no further than the DVD cover posted above. The movie has it’s flaws, but it’s one of the fucking craziest things I’ve ever seen, and I often couldn’t believe what was happening. There’s more than just babies being geniuses, there’s all kinds of weird shit going on. You should probably just check it out for yourself. Honestly, if you like movies, then this stupefying romp is definitely a movie.

05/03/11: Streaming

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