Sunday, February 26, 2012

Movie Review: Fast Five

Fast Five (2011, Justin Lin) - 9.0
Vin Diesel and Paul Walker and Jordana Brewster are hanging out in Brazil, and they want to retire from their lives of fast cars and furious crime sprees, but they need to do just one more high-paying job of stealing an entire bank vault from a police station. They enlist the help of some friends from previous movies, who each have a unique, special skill that never actually comes into play during the film. There’s also a powerful drug lord after them, and a relentless FBI agent, played by The Rock, in the sweatiest performance I have ever seen. It’s phenomenally ridiculous, and has some of the best action scenes ever, including a fist-fight between The Rock and Vin Diesel, and sky-diving with a car instead of a parachute.

04/30/11: IMAX
03/21/15: Blu-ray

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