Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Movie Review: E.T. The Vagina

E.T. The Vagina (1996, Ildiko & Siegfried Entinger) - 7.5
According to the credits, the full title is The E.T. of Vagina: One Settles of the Other World, or Specially Terrestrian: The Extraterrestrial One.

An extra-terrestrial is sent to Earth to learn about human behavior, and is taken in by some people in a castle, who teach her everything she needs to know about the subject by having sex in front of her and calling everything “tasty”. It’s essentially pretty boring whenever E.T. is not onscreen, and she mostly just watches the other people. The highlights are obviously when we get to see E.T. herself getting fucked and sucking dick. The E.T. costume is a phenomenal work of art, seemingly made with latex dipped in trash. I’ll be honest, this isn’t a great movie. But it is a worthwhile film simply because the bizarre costume is so fucking captivating. And more importantly, this movie exists! Sure, I wish it were better, but just knowing that E.T. The Vagina is a real thing makes me appreciate life on Earth.

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