Friday, January 6, 2012

Suggested Taglines: Scrubbers

Scrubbers (1983).

Suggested Taglines:
They Go In Dirty. They Won’t Get Out Until They’re All Washed Up.

Beaten. Brutalized. Ravaged. Swiffered.

It’s a Crime What Mr. Clean Can Do To a Girl

Nobody Wants No Scrubbers

A Scrubber is a Girl Who Can’t Get No Love... From Society

Hangin’ Out the Shower Stall, Shoved Up Against the Wall, Trying to Holler For Help As the Lesbian Warden Rapes Her

A Scrubber is a Girl Who’s Doin’ Time, Always Plannin’ a Jail Bust-er

Oh Sorry, Am I T-Bozering You? Clean the Fucking Toilets Or I’ll Give You the Red Dyke Special. I’ll Make You Tongue-Chase the Waterfall of Menstrual Blood and Chili Creepin’ Down My Leg Until There’s Nothing Left, I Mean It.

These Girls Are CrazySexyClean. They Are Also Criminals.

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