Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Movie Review: Total Recall

Total Recall (1990, Paul Verhoeven) - 9.5
It’s the future, and Arnold Schwarzenegger is fascinated by Mars (where people are living), so he goes to a business called Rekall, where they implant memories of having gone on a vacation. Arnold also opts for the “vacation from himself” where he gets to be a secret agent who defeats Mars’ evil dictator, gets the girl, and saves the planet. Something goes wrong during the memory implantation, though, and Arnold exits, only to realize that the reason he’s been fascinated by the idea of being a secret agent on Mars is because that is what he actually is. The movie shows his journey from here as a reality, where he proceeds to defeat Mars’ evil dictator, get the girl, and save the planet, but of course, it may all be (implanted) in his head. It’s unbelievably entertaining, with a ton of violence, and an ever-evolving storyline with a billion twists. There’s a constant barrage of impressive special effects (by Rob Bottin), seemingly something new in every scene, from a mutant chest-baby revolutionary leader to eye-bulging facial ballooning to three-titted women. This movie lacks nothing. A flawless sci-fi thriller that will hold up forever.

~1998: VHS
~09/25/02: DVD
09/27/07: 70mm
11/22/11: DVD

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