Sunday, November 27, 2011

TV Review: Floris Complete Series

Floris (1969, Paul Verhoeven) - 8.5
Obviously, Paul Verhoeven started his career with a children’s television show. It’s an action-adventure series set during the Middle Ages, that actually qualifies as family entertainment, and even takes like 9 episodes before there’s a threat of rape. It’s only an implied threat, though, the show really is light on violence and completely absent of sex. But despite that, it is tremendously fun. I was wrapped up in every episode, and they all flew by, surprising me every time the 30 minutes was up. Rutger Hauer stars as the titular Floris, who occasionally gets into sword fights, but in general, does little more than look pretty, and it’s more focused on his awesome sidekick Sindala (Jos Bergman), who solves every problem they run into, and always saves the day. I’m not all that familiar with “adventure” films and tv, but this show was fucking awesome.

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