Thursday, March 10, 2011

Movie Review: Zapped!

Zapped! (1982, Robert J. Rosenthal) - 8.5
Scott Baio is a science geek who ends up creating a formula that gives him telekinesis, which he uses to throw bullies in trees and blow girls’ clothes off. Very endearing 80’s fun. I do have a complaint, though. The girlfriend character has her glasses off for most of the latter half of the movie, which upset me not only because she, like every other person who exists, looks way hotter in glasses, but it was also distracting since, as a glasses-wearer myself, I couldn’t stop thinking about how she couldn’t fucking see. Baio would have to be constantly using his zapping powers just to keep her from bumping into shit. This happened with a smart nerd character in Peggy Sue Got Married, too. Every time he would pontificate on something, he’d take his glasses off, as if blurring your vision somehow clears your mind. It’s a common dramatic gesture, but it makes no fucking sense, Hollywood.

12/03/03: 35mm
09/17/10: 35mm

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