Saturday, January 22, 2011

Movie Quiz from SLIFR

From here.

1) Best Movie of 2010
Piranha 3D.

2) Second-favorite Roman Polanski Movie
The Tenant.

3) Jason Statham or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

4) Favorite movie that could be classified as a genre hybrid
Aerobi-cide. Slasher + Aerobicizing.

5) How important is foreknowledge of a film’s production history? Should it factor into one’s reaction to a film?
Not very. It can be interesting to hear about, but if the film doesn't hold up on its own without knowing details of how it was made, then it has failed.

6) William Powell & Myrna Loy or Cary Grant & Irene Dunne
I don't know.

7) Best Actor of 2010
I haven't decided yet, but here are a few I'm choosing from. Tommy Wiseau in The House That Drips Blood on Alex, the guy from A Serbian Film, the doctor in The Human Centipede, Christian Bale in The Fighter.

8) Most important lesson learned from the past decade of watching movies
Don't waste time on shit you probably won't like.

9) Last movie seen (DVD/Blu-ray/theater)
DVD: The Next Karate Kid
Blu-ray: Chloe
Theater: The Fighter

10) Most appropriate punishment for director Tom Six
His movie was great, but his trailer for Human Centipede Part 2 was very douche-y, so his punishment should be to feel suitably embarrassed.

11) Best under-the-radar movie almost no one else has had the chance to see
A Serbian Film.

12) Sheree North or Angie Dickinson
Dickinson. But don't know either that well.

13) Favorite nakedly autobiographical movie
Spice World.

14) Movie which best evokes a specific real-life place
Times Square.

15) Best Director of 2010
Alexandre Aja.

16) Second-favorite Farrelly Brothers Movie
Dumb & Dumber.

17) Favorite holiday movie
Silent Night, Deadly Night!

18) Best Actress of 2010
Chloe Moretz in Kick-Ass.

19) Joe Don Baker or Bo Svenson
Joe Don Baker.

20) Of those notable figures in the world of the movies who died in 2010, name the one you’ll miss the most
Dennis Hopper and Jean Rollin.

21) Think of a movie with a notable musical score and describe what it might feel like without that accompaniment.
Every silent film. They would not be as good.

22) Best Screenplay of 2010
The Social Network.

23) Movie You Feel Most Evangelistic About Right Now

24) Worst/funniest movie accent ever
If by worst/funniest, you mean MOST ADORABLE, then definitely Keanu Reeves in Bram Stoker's Dracula.

25) Best Cinematography of 2010
Don't know. Maybe Inception?

26) Olivia Wilde or Gemma Arterton
They're both ok. No preference.

27) Name the three best movies you saw for the first time in 2010
Aero-bicide, Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978), The Howling II: Your Sister Is A Werewolf.

28) Best romantic movie couple of 2010
The parents in Dogtooth.

29) Favorite shock/surprise ending
Sleepaway Camp, Drag Me to Hell.

30) Best cinematic reason to have stayed home and read a book in 2010
Häxan at the Silent Film Festival.

31) Movies in 2011 could make me much happier if they’d only _______________
Stop charging extra for 3D, especially post-conversion shit that barely adds anything.

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