Saturday, December 11, 2010

Exquisite Corpse Full Movie

The full film of the Exquisite Corpse movie I took part in is on youtube now. Five people worked on it all together, and the first one isn't included due to technical issues, I guess. My part of it starts around the 8 minute mark.

My segment is still up for download in better quality, too, and I might post a slightly extended version on youtube at some point as well, which will totally not be an excuse to ask people to watch it again. I was supposed to turn in something that was 2-3 minutes, and my original cut came out at about 6 minutes. It's now 4, and I think it's a much better movie this way, but there are still a couple shots I'd like to last a second longer, and one line of dialogue I want to put back in.

TRIVIA: Without even being aware of it, I somehow managed to make 4 whole minutes of movie without anyone using the word "fuck". This is pretty unheard of for me.

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