Saturday, November 6, 2010


My theater, the Balboa, is doing a special event I helped set up where we'll show a double feature of Re-Animator and From Beyond (currently being promoted as a very easy-to-guess "Surprise Co-Feature"), and we are flying in director Stuart Gordon to appear at the show, do a Q&A, and sign stuff. And it's up to ME to pick him up from the airport that afternoon, "just, you know, keep him entertained" for the hours leading up to the show, and then interview him in front of an audience. Two of my least favorite things, public speaking and trying to interact with a celebrity I admire without embarrassing myself: together at last. But I'm excited! It's Stuart fucking Gordon! He made my Facebook list of 15 Favorite Directors. By all accounts, he is a great person who is easy to talk to, so everything should go well. I've already been overwhelmed interacting with him via email (we're using his personal print of Re-Animator, and he had a shipping question), but I'm trying to be optimistic that I will stop freaking out by the time of the show. Omar is going to be presenting the show/interviewing him with me, and he is much more comfortable with people and audiences, so can help keep things moving and un-awkward.

I have a bunch of questions lined up, but I still need more, so please give me some ideas! What do you want to know about the director of Re-Animator, From Beyond, Fortress, Castle Freak, Space Truckers? Besides why you haven't seen Fortress or Space Truckers yet (you really should, they're great).

Here's a flyer:

There's actually no real use for this color version. It's just for internet, I guess. There's also a B&W version that we'll print on green paper and leave stacks of everywhere.

We would like people to come to this! It's $12 for two amazing movies, Stuart Gordon being interviewed by super confident and hilarious interviewers, and a chance to meet him and get shit signed (we haven't necessarily discussed this with him yet, but you know, probably). So if you know anyone in the Bay Area, let them know about it! Invite them on Facebook, or send them here. And suggest some questions for me!

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