Friday, November 19, 2010

Interview with Stuart Gordon

Stuart Gordon Night at the Balboa was a huge success. I didn't end up picking him up from the airport, but I did get a drink with him before the interview. I was nervous as fuck the entire day, but managed not to vomit. There are a bunch of pictures here by Will the Thrill. It includes a bunch of pictures of our 3D Haunted Alley.

The night started with an introduction before Re-Animator, where we did trivia and gave out a Fortress poster, a From Beyond mini-poster, a copy of an Incredibly Strange Film Show episode about Stuart Gordon, and a copy of Re-Penetrator. Stuart Gordon also spoke a little beforehand about the charm of our theater and how great it was to have such an excited audience.

In between movies was our interview, which was filmed, and it's right here below.

Due to the night's success, we're definitely planning to do more similar events, and possibly even bring in some more amazing horror directors.

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