Friday, October 15, 2010

Rooftop Access and Desmond

October has been a busy month, and is about to get busier, so I haven't been posting. Part of that busy-ness involves trying to watch a horror movie every day, which I failed at last night when I fell asleep during Astro-Zombies. What I saw of it was boring, but I'll give it another chance. There's been enough days where I watched 2 or 3 movies to make up for any failures, though. So, get ready for a whole slew of horror reviews around February or so. I'm also working on a new Horror Top 100 list, so hopefully I can get that up before Halloween.

Anyway, here are a couple things you've already seen if we're friends on Facebook, but I've been meaning to post here.

This is a movie my friend Anthony Boruch made. I held the camera and edited it, and gave myself a producer credit just for the hell of it. I guess my job as "Producer" was to encourage him to make a movie.

He wants to make a whole series of nihilistic, violent shorts that all connect together somehow. This one will eventually be extended, and you'll actually get to see what he's shooting at (me and Doug).

ALSO, I'm obsessed with this cat Desmond who lives with my friend Angela (the obese fatty from No Fatties).

Here's a video I cut together. The music is from Nekromantik.

I want to make an entire feature film where Desmond plays a detective and has to go undercover in various ridiculous outfits.

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