Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Scot Sothern Interview

I interviewed my dad about his Lowlife show, which closes this weekend. If you're in LA, and haven't checked it out yet, then you are running out of time! And if you are not in LA, then you are really running out of time, because flights are gonna be super expensive to get there by Sunday. For examples of some of the work in the show (they are photos of street prostitutes, and not safe for work), click the link above, or read the story he wrote in American Suburb X, or read that interview I just mentioned in Kittysneezes. It's the first interview I've ever done, and I feel like my questions are a little generic, but his answers are informative and entertaining, so I guess it's fine.

And here's an exclusive photo that I also posted on Tumblr from a new project he's working on. It's of me and Erin.

To learn more about the new project, read the fucking interview already, jesuschrist.

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