Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Capturin' the Freedmans Episode 3

Capturin' the Freedmans Episode 3 is now online!!!!! It's a flashback episode, and I play a dual role as twin brothers, and there's lots of cat footage. So if you like cats, you will love this episode! Here's the description we wrote for it:

“Episode 3 of “Capturin’ The Freedmans” is a revelation amidst the endlessly rewarding cornucopia of the webisodic arts. Join Doug and Jenny on a journey through the mind of a cat (Bird the Cat, one of San Francisco’s most prestigious acting meow-meows), and discover the unimaginable truth of what really happened during Stefan Cho’s final moments. Not for the faint of heart, Episode 3 combines sophisticated camera trickery choreographed with sexy excellence by indie maverick Mike Boyd Williams (Handsome Mike) with a chilling score by musical sensation Danny James’ best friend Doug Freedman, to create a powerful simulacrum of rapacious, cerebral laughs that are especially relevant in these trying times of economic turmoil.” – H.M. Williams

If you haven't seen the first two episodes, you'll probably be pretty lost, so here's Episode 1 (a little under 3 minutes) and here's Episode 2 (a little over 6 minutes). And HERE is the link for Episode 3 (a little under 5 minutes). Or, it's also embedded directly beneath this sentence.

Starring Bird the Cat, Austin Wolf-Sothern, Jenny Marshall, and Doug Freedman.
Story by Jenny Marshall.
Written by Austin Wolf-Sothern.
Edited by Doug Freedman and Austin Wolf-Sothern.
Directed by Doug Freedman.

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