Monday, March 15, 2010

Video Store!

This is a comedy sketch I appear in that Doug and a friend of his made, that was shot about nine months ago, and for various reasons, they weren't able to finish the editing until now.

Here's Doug's synopsis of it:
"In what critics are calling "the role of a life-time", Danny James (It's Crazy Time!!!, Capote, The Cuts) stars as a depressive video store clerk who spends his nights servin' up the hottest DVDs to a depraved, inner-city clientele. Featuring an all-star cast of deliciously mischievous character actors, "Video Store" captures the essence of the struggle, drama, and often comical passions of San Francisco's "Larger Than Life" underbelly and the "sketchy" reality of highly sexy movie jokes written by four-and-a-half-year-olds. Shot in beautiful black-and-white and digitally restored to color by me. With special appearance by Primo Pitino."

Primo, by the way, is a friend of Doug's and Dan's (the guy whose project this mostly was), and his character just wasn't fleshed out enough, and there was nothing funny in his scenes, so we cut all his lines. He walks in at the beginning, and then appears again briefly later on. No one would ever get this joke without me explaining it, but we thought it'd be funny if his End Credit went on for longer than his actual appearance in the movie, so uh, watch out for that.

Starring Danny James, Doug Freedman, Austin Wolf-Sothern, Lacey James, and Primo Pitino
Music by Danny James and Pear
Edited by Doug Freedman
Written by Danny James, Doug Freedman, and Austin Wolf-Sothern
Directed by Danny James and Doug Freedman

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