Monday, January 25, 2010

TV Review: The Neighbors

The Neighbors TV Pilot (2006, Tommy Wiseau) - 10.0

This is a TV pilot for a sitcom from Tommy Wiseau, the genius behind the incredible and unique The Room. Please watch the trailer if you have not already repeatedly done so. No networks have picked it up yet, if you can believe it, and apparently, it’s not quite finished, which is evidenced by a full scene that actually plays twice with slightly different takes, and some very awkward sound issues. For this reason, Wiseau doesn’t want anyone to see it, and for that reason, I can’t say too much about how I came to access it, and I especially can’t get you a copy.

Here’s what I can tell you: It’s amazing. If you are a fan of The Room, you will love The Neighbors. I wouldn’t say it’s better than The Room, but it is definitely even fucking weirder. It’s about a bizarre and excitable cast of characters in an apartment complex (the one pictured here, I guess, which is taken from the website) who all frequent the office of the superintendent (played by Wiseau with a short haircut), and complain about everything from a severe bug infestation to being scolded by their girlfriend after being caught in bed with another man. At some point, they all come together to welcome a “Princess” who is visiting the United States, and naturally makes her first stop at the apartments. Like his feature, The Neighbors is hilarious and wholly unique. I really hope Wiseau figures out what it’s future is, so more people can have a chance to experience it.

01/11/10: Projected DVD

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