Monday, December 28, 2009

Cut Her Open

About six years ago, I had an idea to make a pornographic gay war epic. Like a lot of my ideas back then, and even some of my ideas now, this was way too ambitious given my limited resources and budget. I thought I could convince friends and co-workers not only to have actual gay sex with each other even if they weren't gay, but to improvise most of their lines at the same time. The sprawling, aimless screenplay also included multiple subplots, one of which was about a woman killing children. And I actually shot one of these scenes with my little sister, who was 9 at the time. I was unhappy with the footage, and the project naturally fell apart, so the tape was tucked away. My sister would occasionally ask about it over the years, and say she wanted to see it, even if it was just the raw footage, but I didn't even know where it was since I never label anything.

I always kind of wondered if there were enough decent takes to edit it together, and just have a random scene of a kid being killed out of context, and call that a movie. So that's essentially what I finally did. I found the footage and decided to put it together and give it to my sister (now 15) as a Christmas present. I did give it some context by filming new stuff of myself as her concerned father, so hopefully the movie still works without all this backstory. The present was a hit! My sister really loved it, and I hope you do, too. It's called Cut Her Open.

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