Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Capturin' the Freedmans Episode 1

Doug Freedman from Ghost: The Movie, Pumpkin and Me, No Fatties, and West Elm Commercial wrote something for a very short movie, which we're going to make into an ongoing web series. It's called Capturin' the Freedmans. It's about "a super happy couple who have a cat that is about to land them in trouble town times 10!" I helped out with directing and editing, and I play the role of the corpse who is not actually dead. Here's the first episode:

Starring Doug Freedman (Pumpkin and Me), Jenny Marshall, Austin Wolf-Sothern (No Fatties), and introducing Bird the Cat (Critters 3, Capturin' the Freedmans Episode 1).
Written and directed by Doug Freedman.

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