Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Stats and Charts 2008

Here are some pointless stats about how I spent my 2008:

Movies seen for the first time: 336
Movies I may as well have been seeing for the first time because I didn't remember them: 16
Movies rewatched: 59
Total: 411
Movies seen in the theater (including rewatches): 157

Short films watched: 95
Short films rewatched: 9

Commentaries listened to: 5 (1 tv)

TV seasons watched: 19

Books read: 5

Watched the most movies in October (41)
Watched the least amount in June and November (20)
Rewatched the most in February, April, and May (7)
Watched the most movies in the theater in January and July (16)
Watched the least amount in the theater in November (4, the lowest since 2005)
Watched the most short films in January (34, mostly Lasagna Cat)

Here are some pie charts about the movies I watched:





Who I Watched With

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