Tuesday, December 25, 2007

No Fatties

No Fatties
Part 3 of The Vomit Trilogy. 2007. 10 minutes.
A young girl is worried about being overweight, so she becomes bulimic in order to avoid being constantly insulted by her family and peers, and to attract the boy she has a crush on. But will it work? ...Probably!

Written/Directed/Edited by Austin Wolf-Sothern (as Placenta Ovaries).


Angela Newsham as Fatty

Omar Rodriguez as Girlmar

Doug Freedman as Monique

Austin Wolf-Sothern as Countess Vaughn

Adam Levy as Adam

"The only other one of his videos I've seen, I had the strong urge to walk out during practically the entire movie. But his new bulimia comedy No Fatties, though of course completely offensive and wrong, is comparatively quite watchable. I only found myself wondering if I was starting to taste my own bile at one point during the video."
- Hell On Frisco Bay

"I used to watch this video almost daily for a few weeks... amazing..."
- flungbungdung

"This is a masterpiece, I've seen it 10 times."
- Chaco Salvaje

"Easily the best short film ever made."
- kemosabe33

"David Lynch and John Waters double-teamed Sophia Coppola for an all night fuckfest and 9 months later the demon-director spawn of Placenta Ovaries was born. Keep up the good fucking work."
- Cassettica

"best youtube ever"
- cardan

- cardan

"that sucked cardan."
- 42Orange

"its like lower budget troma, and somehow even worse"
- beneboi

"i didn't like the fact that it looked like she was really sticking her fingers down her throat. it made it kinda fresh but gross at the same time."

"there were quite a number of funny parts for being a youtube video, but jesus she's just throwing up all the time. fucking stupid."
- cloud color

"bad video."
- jefferoo

"stupid fucking video. WASTE OF BANDWIDTH"
- abracadabra

"Really Austin, cant you make a film without someone puking their brains out?"
- crackercookies

"I watched it for two minutes and nothing interestin happened."
- Sandy

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