Monday, August 6, 2007

No Fatties Screening at The 2007 San Francisco Underground Short Film Festival

I don't know how I've continually forgotten to post about this, but No Fatties was accepted into the Midnight Mass San Francisco Underground Short Film Festival. It's gonna be on September 1, and starts at midnight (obviously). Those of you who don't live here should probably start booking your flights pretty soon.

Here's the trailer for the festival. There are two shots of Angela vomiting, and it ends with a line from Girlmar.

No Fatties is not actually technically "finished" just yet, and likely won't be finished by September 1, either. But the two scenes that are missing aren't actually pivotal, and the film can easily stand alone without them.

It's also worth mentioning that if you ever wanna see James Brown vs. Michael Jackson, and you know Daryn Cash, then you can watch it on his iPhone. The idea of JBvMJ being on someone's fucking iPhone is pretty thrilling for me.

And also, Doug Freedman's Ghost: The Movie was not accepted into the festival, but you can (and should) still watch it right here.

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