Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Monique and Countess Vaughn

I started shooting a new movie yesterday. It's a more ambitious work than I've dealt with since I guess Remember That Time I Gave You AIDS? There's scripted dialogue, and multiple characters, and I have to actually like "direct" shit. I got to use some actual lighting equipment, though, for the first time, which was kind of exciting. It won't disguise the fact that one of the scenes is gonna suddenly cut from nighttime to daytime and back again, but whatever, at least you can see people. And so anyway, it's called No Fatties and it's gonna be the final installment in The Vomit Trilogy. It's about bulimia, which means it'll be the first time someone is vomiting in one of my movies for an actual reason (Robert Page was actually "trying to give birth that way" in RTTIGYA?, but nobody ever notices that line). I initially hated the script I threw together, but it's kinda grown on me, and I've got some really good actors, so I think it'll end up working, and come out funny. The cast is very devoted, and never complain about all the line rehearsals, and multiple takes, and having to wear skimpy clothes in the freezing cold (it's about junior high school students), and um, having to throw up over and over again while being made fun of.

Today my camera broke, and was unable to record for longer than about 4 seconds, and is also unable to play the previously recorded footage, so in order to gain access to everything and put it on my computer to edit, I'll have to borrow someone else's camera, which I also have to do to shoot the rest of the movie, which means I might not be able to use "vomit-cam" (a shot of someone vomiting directly on the camera lens) because it's done as safely as possible but is still kind of a risky thing to ask someone to let me do to their camera. It's kinda depressing. I could tell the camera was on it's way out, but I was hoping I could finish one last movie with it. And with no access to the footage, I'm unable to post a screencap of the character "Girlmar", which I was hoping to do, so just imagine a Mexican in a blonde wig and glasses and a really tight, really short t-shirt that says "VAGINA" on it making a disgusted face like a 7th grader.

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