Thursday, January 4, 2007

Pie Charts '06

Here are some pie charts about the movies I watched in '06:

Here's what I thought of the 501 movies I saw:

Comments: I've mentioned this before, but it's worth repeating that this is what my numbered ratings come from. I don't believe in rating movies based on how "good" or "well-made" they are, or how "believable" the "acting" is, I rate them solely by how much I enjoy watching them, which I then equate with the quality of the movie. Therefore, Troll 2 is not "so bad, it's good", it is "so good, it's fucking amazing."

Here are the movies I watched broken down by decade:

Here they are broken down by country:

And here's a more specific country chart:

And here are the formats I watched them all on (this one includes rewatches):

Comments: Included within "theater", I watched 1 film on 70MM, 1 film and 2 short films on 16MM, and 3 films in 3D. Also, TV is listed as 0%, but I guess it's actually something like .001%. I refuse to watch movies on TV because they're cut, but I did watch one made-for-tv movie (Stephen King's Desperation) this year. This'll be higher next year, because once I get cable, I can watch stuff on TCM. And also again, I marked something as a DVD-R only if it's original source was something other than DVD. Like, if I bought a DVD-R from eBay and it was obviously ripped from an old VHS.

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